December “A Little Bundle” Review


A Little Bundle is a new(ish) subscription service that delivers fun and functional products for mommas and babies up to 2 years old. Every bundle consists of at least 4 carefully chosen items for you and your little one.

A Little Bundle selects only the best products to include each month — all items are non-toxic, beautifully crafted, and preferably natural and/or organic. Many are from small/independent businesses, and because of this, it’s unlikely that two boxes are entirely the same. Good news for those of you who try to avoid seeing spoilers — your contents remain a surprise until you open your box bundle! :)

Needless to say, I was pretty damn excited when A Little Bundle agreed to send me one of their boxes for review. I had seen some of their previous boxes and they were awesome!

So what did I get? Let’s have a look-see…


How cute is their logo? (Very. The answer is very.)


Well, hello there, whimsical tissue paper. I wasn’t expecting you.


Every month, A Little Bundle includes a blank piece of stationery for the momma to write a letter to their little one. The idea is to save them up and give them to your child when they’re old enough to read. So sweet!


Plan Toys My First Camera – Love this! It’s a colorful little toy camera with a built-in kaleidoscope for the “lens”. It’s made of sustainable composite wood created with recycled wood particles, and the paint is water-based. The little shutter button even pushes down for a more “realistic” experience. ;)


Chi Candle in “Winter Wonderland” – I’m always happy to get more candles. Always. This one smells incredible and most definitely gives me a “winter wonderland-y” feeling. (Perfect for the foot of snow scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Yay?) Chi Candles are eco-friendly, made with soy wax, use lead-free cotton wicks, and are hand-poured right here in the US.


Wee Gallery Starry Skies Temporary Tattoos – These are an A Little Bundle exclusive! Nine kid-friendly temporary tattoos in a unique Native American inspired theme. Made in USA.


Twiddle + Tweet Graphic Onesie – This is another A Little Bundle exclusive! I’m diggin’ the whole “raining deer/reindeer” thing. (Though it totally took me a while to figure it out. haha) I wish I would have gotten this before the holidays (damn you, USPS!), but we’ll still get some use out of it anyway. The girls don’t know that reindeer season’s over. ;)


Chewbeads Stanton Bracelet – This bracelet is for moms to wear to soothe their cranky, teething babies. It’s made of 100% silicone and is soft on baby’s swollen gums and emerging teeth. Everly is teething like crazy these days, so this would totally come in handy right now IF she had any interest in chewing on teethers. :(


Swamp Angel Soap Sticks- Oooh! These smell awesome! They’re all natural cold-pressed soap sticks tucked into a little organic cotton bag, perfect for traveling. (Travel? What’s that?) Swamp Angel Soap is made in small batches, is scented with essential oil, and is totally vegan. Woo!


Bonsai Tree Kit by –  Yeeeah… This is gonna die. haha I’m awful at keeping plants alive (indoor and outdoor), so this poor guy hasn’t got a chance. It doesn’t help that the description on their site says that “it can be a difficult plant to cultivate from seed”… Yeah, nope. Not gonna happen. I’m actually thinking of gifting this to someone else so I don’t have to take responsibility for its demise. Cute idea though. heh.

Phew! That was one full box o’ goodies!

As you can see, A Little Bundle knows how to pack one serious momma/baby box. Subscriptions start at $42/month (cheaper with longer commitments) and shipping is always included. I didn’t add up the total of all of my items, but the onesie alone sells for $28, so you definitely get your money’s worth! :)

Disclosure: I received this box for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Karen @ Unpack the Box

    Totally adorable box! Perfect for babies and yanno, the moms too. I think I might have to order a Bonsai for myself.

  2. Ruby Quiroz

    HELLO! I love this review! I think this box is really cute! I just came across it in a subscription box online search. I am a blogger as well and have written them to see If I could review the box as well. Have you gotten any other child related boxes? How would you compare them? I really like the Bonsai tree kit! Very unique box id say


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