Want a Free Dress? (Heck Yes!)


I’m a little late to the game with posting this offer, since I’ve seen it on a bazillion other blogs, but it’s just too awesome not to pass on.

There’s a new(?) clothing site that sells top brand gently used/new items at decent prices. Right now they’re offering up $30 in credit towards any clothing items of your choice (can be applied towards shipping too!!) when you follow the steps below.

Last night I scored a J Crew dress (originally $134.97) — that was priced at just $23.97 — and I paid NOTHING! Yep, a FREE DRESS! Woohoo!


So how do you score some free clothes for yourself? Easy!

First, click here and sign up for a Twice account (it’s fast & free!). This will give you your first $10 credit.

Next, download the Twice app (just do a search for Twice — again, it’s free). Then log into your account on the app. This will give you your second $10 credit.

Finally, once you’ve placed up to $25 (or more, if you don’t mind paying a little out of pocket — shipping is $5) into your cart, BEFORE checking out, enter the promo code “SURVEY10” in the promo code box under the cart contents. That’ll give you your last $10 credit.

Easy, right? Enjoy! :D

Disclosure: Post contains referral links. (That’s how you get the first $10!)

8 Responses to “Want a Free Dress? (Heck Yes!)”

  1. melissa m

    Is that app Apple only? I can’t find it in the Google app store?

    • Wendy Rose

      Hmmm… Good question! I have no idea! Sucks if it’s just Apple only, but you can still get $20 in credits just for signing up and using the promocode at checkout. :)

  2. Margie P

    Done! Thanks for the info – this almost seems too good to be true. Nothing better than free happy mail!

  3. Karen @ Unpack the Box

    Not a bad little website either… Hmmm.

  4. Deborah Eckhardt

    Wow paid $4.95 for a pretty nice dress:)


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