Happy October!


Yay! It’s finally October, which means it’s also… PUMPKIN TIME!!

Last weekend (technically still September, but what-evs) we took the girls and drove down to The Great Pumpkin Farm. It was nearly 80 degrees, cloudless, and FAR from the ideal crisp autumn day that I had hoped for. (I even managed to get a flippin’ sunburn. Ugh.) Non-traditional weather aside, we had a pretty good day — or as close to a good day as you can get with 2 hyperactive, meltdown-prone two-year old twins.

Hayrides were ridden, fried dough was eaten, ducks were quacked at, and one out of two faces were painted. We’ll call that a win! [Read more…]

Happy 2nd Birthday, My 2 Little Rosebuds!



Yep, today my two little rosebuds turned TWO! — Where did the last 12 months go?! When people tell you how time goes by fast when you have kiddos, they’re not kidding. Zooooom!

We had a little party yesterday with close family and plenty of “Yo Gabba Gabba” decorations. I made vegan cupcakes with orange frosting (to match DJ Lance’s hat, duh!) and star-shaped sprinkles. The girls got an insane amount of gifts and I made a big mommy “oopsie” by deciding to open the cards after the party… Meaning I had no way of knowing who bought which gift. Uggghh. I didn’t realize what a bad move it was until after everyone went home and I felt like a total turd for the rest of the night. (I am SO not good at social functions in general, let alone kid’s parties. Eh, there’s always next year, right?)

Here’s a few photos I snapped of the girls pre-party (before they had a chance to totally junk themselves up with frosting and whatnot). I’ve come to learn that the older they get, the slimmer the chance of them sitting next to one another for a photo… Or for anything. [Read more…]

Ah, Holidays with Toddlers…


The majority of our holiday was spent at my parent’s house, but before we headed to the festivities, I decided to try my luck at a quick photo shoot. (Not the best idea.)

Everly was in a mood and flat out refused to sit next to her sister… While Chloe flipped the eff out at my attempt to cover her crazy mop of hair with a headband. Ah well, I tried…


Evie managed to sit still long enough to get a few shots and almost looked mildly happy.




…Chloe joined her.
(The NERVE!)
Ev was NOT pleased.


Nope. Not pleased at all.


Chloe sat still for a few shots too…
…until she realized what was on her head.


She tried to pull it off and ended up with a bowtie instead.
(Clearly the bowtie was more upsetting than the headband.)


Meanwhile, Evie discovered a rare *empty* laundry basket.
(I honestly have no idea why she was crying at this point.)

So there it is… Yet another joyful holiday in the Rose house!

Loot Crate May 2014 Review & Discount Code (And Why You Shouldn’t Do Photoshoots with Twin Toddlers Around)



Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box for fans of gamer/geek culture.

Every month you’ll get a box with 6-8 items that can include toys, gear, snacks, hardware, art, accessories, and more! Boxes are $19.37/month (price includes shipping), or less with longer subscriptions.

I was recently sent May’s Loot Crate, which was themed “Adventure!”. Let’s see what I got! [Read more…]

Mother’s Day 2014: Bubble Rompers, Ice Cream Hunting, and a Wanda-Less Everly


Mother’s Day #2 turned out pretty nice, despite having absolutely nothing planned for the day. Hurray for spontaneity!

I had received two adorable outfits from Feltman Brothers a couple weeks ago and decided that Mother’s Day would be the perfect day to try them on and do a little photo shoot on the porch. (You can read more about Feltman Brothers here). Grumpy faces aside, the girls looked stinkin’ adorable in their little vintage-inspired, hand embroidered bubble rompers. Love them!

After taking roughly five gazillion photos, we had dinner and my husband gave me a Mother’s Day coupon book that featured a one-hour massage at the spa/parlor thingy of my choice. Woo! Once dinner was over, we decided to go out for ice cream (well, lemon ice for me). We drove to 2 different stands that were way too crowded (damn you, free Mother’s Day sundaes!) and eventually ended up at Trader Joe’s so I could buy myself a quart of cherry chocolate chip soy ice cream. Mmm.

Oh, we also watched “Flowers in the Attic” on Netflix in the afternoon while the girls were napping. For some reason I thought it was based on a true story(?). Quite a disturbing (and poorly acted) movie. What’s up with the teenage brother giving his equally teenaged sister help washing her back in the bathtub? Uh… No.

Okay, here’s some shots of the girls in their “Mother’s Day best”. ;) [Read more…]

Matilda Jane Spring Clothing Review & Giveaway! Ends 5/19/14!



Time to celebrate Spring and the coming warmer weather with a little peek at the latest collection from Matilda Jane Clothing! Woohoo!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know that Matilda Jane makes some seriously adorable children’s clothes. (You can see my past reviews here.)

For those who aren’t as familiar, Matilda Jane Clothing is a mom-owned company that specializes in uniquely designed girl’s clothing and accessories. Their collections are fun, whimsical, and sized to fit everyone from babies to mommas.

Matilda Jane kindly offered to send me two outfits from their Spring Collection, “It’s a Wonderful Parade”. [Read more…]

Bunnies, Books & Bad Attitudes: A Rosebuds Easter Morning.


Easter #2 with the Rosebuds! If these dresses look familiar, they might be the same ones they wore for their first birthday back in August. (Shhh… Don’t tell ‘em!)

This year was a little more exciting, since the girls are into actually playing with things now. It also helps that they can sit up on their own and no longer spit up all over themselves. Woohoo! Progress! [Read more…]

I See Me! Personalized Book Review & Giveaway! Ends 4/21/14



I See Me! is a retail site that offers children’s books that are not only beautifully illustrated, but are also personalized with your child’s name, birthday, and more! How cool is that?

In addition to books, I See Me! also offers a wide range of fun, gift-worthy items — growth charts, coloring books, placemats, stickers, lunchboxes — all personalized for your little one!

Confession time! When I named my “2 little rosebuds”, I (kinda guiltily) knew I was giving one of them a bit of a disadvantage, name-wise. Now, Chloe is a pretty common name, so she’ll be alright… But Everly? Yeaaah… that’s a name I’m not gonna find on a personalized… well, anything… anytime soon. That said, I was more than happy when I See Me! offered us a personalized book for twins. Although she’s too young to appreciate it right now, I know Everly is going to LOVE seeing her name in print soon enough!

The book I received is called “Who Loves Me?” and can be personalized for singletons, siblings, and in our case, twins. :)  [Read more…]