Citrus Lane June 2014 Review #2 – First Box Only $9

Citrus Lane June review #2 -- First box just $9

This is my second Citrus Lane review for June (the first one is right here). My mom has another subscription that she aged up for the girls so we get double the goodies! Sadly, she only has one more month left in her prepaid sub and I don’t think she’s going to renew. ( :( )

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription for babies/kids aged newborn-5. It’s $29/month (cheaper with longer subs) and includes a nice assortment of toys, books, snacks, toiletries, etc. Sometimes they even include a gift for mom.

This month’s Citrus Lane box included products to help celebrate the start of summer. I had seen a few spoilers, so I had an idea of what would be in the box, but I’m never 100% sure what I’ll get… Plus, I’m not sure exactly how old my mom aged her boxes up, which makes it extra tough to know what age group the box will fall in.

I’m *guessing* that this box was intended for a 2.5-3 year old girl. Okay, let’s see what was inside!



Fabulous Fairy Fantasy Coloring & ARTivity Book – This is a neat coloring/activity book for the girls to enjoy when they’re a little older. It has super thick/sturdy paper, with perforated tear-out pages to easily hang up and display your little one’s artwork. It features a bunch of different activities including puzzles, cut-out paper dolls (fairies), games, coloring pages, and more. (Amazon Price: $11.78)


Bumkins Disney-Themed Waterproof Wet Bag – I received the Minnie Mouse themed wet bag in my other June box, so I’m thinking I might trade/sell this Ariel one. I’m SO not a Disney fan, and I don’t think we need two of these — though I’m sure once it’s gone I’ll realize that I totally could have used two. Ah well. As stated in the other review, this is a waterproof, zippered bag that’s great for storing wet clothing/suits after swimming, or a dry outfit to wear afterward. It’s got a convenient built-in handle and is machine washable. (Amazon Price: $13.73)



Crocodile Creek Ballerina Mini Shaped Puzzle – This is a cute “mini” puzzle in a reusable, shaped box. It consists of 24 3×3 pieces with a finished size of 11″x15″. I thought the completed picture was just of the single ballerina on the front, but later noticed that she’s only part of a multi-cultural 4-ballerina scene. Cool! (Amazon Price: $11.18)


Peaceful Bubbles Bubble Bath & Shampoo by Episencial – I’ve gotten a ton of Episencial products from Citrus Lane and I’m a big fan. They’re plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and extra gentle on baby’s skin. Oh, and they smell good too! (Amazon Price: $7.99)

There were also 2 Plum Organics Go Bars, but my mom ate them before she gave us the box. (Way to steal from your grandkids, mom! ;) )


I thought this was a pretty alright Citrus Lane box. It wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t bad either. I think I would have been more excited about the items if the girls could use them now, as opposed to having to put them away for later. Of course that’s not Citrus Lane’s fault, as the box is aged up. The total value of all the items came to $44.68, not including the Go bars. Not bad!!

If you’d like to try Citrus Lane for yourself, you can score your first box for just $9.00 shipped (save $20!) when you use the promo code “TAKE20OFF“! That’s a seriously great deal! :)

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The value was definitely there this month, though I personally wasn't thrilled with the items. Just not a Disney fan and kinda bummed that some of the items seemed too advanced for the age range of the box. Ah well. Still not awful by any means.

on June 26, 2014


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2 Responses to “Citrus Lane June 2014 Review #2 – First Box Only $9”

  1. Jessica Potts

    I would hold on to that extra wetbag if I was you! :) Put it in the car in your emergency kit, or in your husbands car. We cloth diaper, and have tons of the little ones like these for diaper bags, but I aslo have a larger one we take in our swimming bag for wet clothes/towels, I keep one in my trunk with our reusable grocery bags/extra windshield fluid/jumper cables/etc, and a small one in my husbands car for emergencies.
    You never know when someone will get sick, spill something {ususally on myself}, or have an accident {when they start to potty train}. They fold up small and are nice to have on hand.

    Just a thought. :)

    • Wendy Rose

      Aww… NOW you tell me. haha I actually already traded it. Fingers crossed that I don’t live to regret it. ;)

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