Super Easy Vegan Chocolate Clusters Featuring Blue Diamond Almonds



I was recently sent two packages of Blue Diamond Almonds for the purpose of writing a post that incorporated them into my summer activities/festivities.

As the due date approached, I was at a total loss as to what I would post about. Leisurely snackin’ on almonds poolside while basking in the summer sun? (Nope, we don’t even have a pool. And I don’t “bask”.) Hosting a get-together where my guests indulge in decadent appetizers which happen to include a hearty dose of almonds? (Nah… Too much planning.)

When it finally came down to it, I knew I had to do something relatively simple… Something that involved chocolate. And didn’t require any basking.

The answer? Ridiculously Easy Vegan Chocolate Almond Clusters! Woo!


Did you notice that I didn’t use the word “recipe”? I hope so, cos it’s sooo not a recipe. Not even close. It consists of just 3 ingredients, there’s no baking, and I didn’t measure a damn thing. That said, here’s how you make ‘em…


I used Blue Diamond “Toasted Coconut” Almonds and began by chopping them into smallish pieces. This is about a half a can. (I originally threw some in my Ninja, but instead of chopping them up, it turned them into almond meal. Whoops.) Oh, this was done on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. I could have used a cutting board, but… I didn’t.


I then added 3 snack-sized boxes of raisins to the mix. Welcome, raisins.


Next, I melted some vegan chocolate chips (maybe a cup?) and folded the almonds & raisins into it. Mmmm.


I scooped out 12 little piles o’ goodness onto the wax paper/cookie sheet.


They look a little more appetizing in this shot, no? I then popped these babies into the fridge for a few hours and when I took them out…


BAM! — Chocolatey, almond-y vegan decadence!

This is probably the easiest treat I’ve ever made and I don’t know why I never tried it sooner. It’s simple, the ingredients are affordable, and it’s freakin’ delicious!

Disclosure: I received Blue Diamond Almonds for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Lynsey

    These look amazeballs! And btw I’m a cat hater too.


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