The Fantasy Box “Essentials” Review & Discount Code

The Fantasy Box

The Fantasy Box is a monthly subscription service designed to help you spice up your love life. (Yep, I’ve finally taken the plunge… I’m reviewing an “adult” box!) If you know me (or Mike) personally and would like to keep thinking that a stork dropped off our girls, you should probably skip this post. (If it helps, I’m reviewing the items before they get any use.) For everyone else, be forewarned: There will be photos of items intended for mature readers. (Ooh la la!)

If you’re still reading this, rest assured that The Fantasy Box is not just a big ol’ box of sex toys. Sure, it may include a battery-operated aid or two, but it’s not just about gettin’ bizz-ay. It’s about bringing you and your partner together through communication, discovery, and eventually makin’ with the whoopie. (No, not that Whoopie. Well, unless you’re into her… I won’t judge.) You’ll receive guided instructions on how to go about using the items in your box so you don’t have to sit and stare at them awkwardly, wondering where to begin. (For this I am very thankful!)

Okay, time to see what’s in my box. Ahem. I believe everyone gets a similar one when they first sign up. It’s a sort of introductory box that gives you an idea of what to expect in the months to come. Alright! — It’s sexy time!

Welcome to The Fantasy Box

An information card welcomes you and explains what you’ll find in your first Fantasy Box. This introductory box focuses on the themes of “communication and anticipation”. Your fantasy will involve a romantic dinner, some good ol’ sex talk, and a role-playing game.

for Him for Her cards
Pick a role.

There are two identical surveys to fill out: One for you, one for your partner. And yep, they’re about sex. You’re instructed to complete them before your romantic dinner, so you can both discuss them over dessert. However, considering some of the questions asked, I’m not sure I’d want to discuss them in a very public place. ;)

The second step involves the other set of cards pictured above. One of you is the leader, who will give the instructions printed inside. The other is the follower, who will take the instructions given by the leader. I haven’t read these cards yet, so I’m not sure what’s on them… It’s more fun to be surprised, right? (Uh, I hope!) The intro card suggests switching roles and repeating the fantasy later in the month.

lingerie with butterflies and lace

Rene Rofe Lingerie Set – Aside from the thong-iest thong that ever thonged, I really like this lingerie set. (Can you tell I’m not into thongs?) At first I was a little nervous about the bigger-than-what-I’ve-got cup size, but then I saw that it was a padded push-up — phew! It actually fit quite nice, though I wasn’t expecting it to be so form-fitting. Body issues aside, it’s definitely a cute/sexy little outfit.

Ovo W1 Vibrator n Pink

Ovo W1 Vibe in Pink – Yep. It’s a vibrator. Didn’t think I’d ever be writing about one of these back when I started my blog… This is still in the box, so I’m not sure what to say. According to Amazon, it has a “minimalistic and young look”, a “powerful motor”, and is “whisper quiet”. Bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz

Sliquid organics personal lube

Sliquid Organics Lubricating Gel – Organic lube? Cool. This is a small sample-sized packet good for a use or two. It’s all natural and glycerine/paraben-free.


Blindfold – You can’t have a roleplay/fantasy box without including a blindfold, right? ;)

The Fantasy Box Essentials Review contents

I’m totally impressed with The Fantasy Box. I love that it combines communication, discovery, and sexy time without making it feel too forced/awkward. As parents of one-year old twins, sexy time hasn’t exactly been priority #1 these days. That said, this box is much appreciated. ;)

The Fantasy Box has 3 different box options: The Essentials Box (this one) for $34 (one-time “intro” box), The Fantasy Box ($59/month), and The Fantasy Box Platinum ($159/month). You can choose to receive them monthly or bi-monthly.

Want some cheap sex your fantasy at a discount? Use the code “ROSEBUDS” for 20% off your first box! :)

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Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Tracy

    Do they ask your size before they send you lingerie? Looks like a fun box!


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