They’re heeeeere!!


twinsJust a quick post to say that the rosebuds have arrived!

They were born on Friday, August 3rd (at 34 weeks & 3 days) via c-section, due to my increasingly high blood pressure.

Baby A (Everly Autumn Rose) was born at 2:42am, weighing 4lb 9oz.

Baby B (Chloe Winter Rose) was born at 2:43am, weighing 4lb 10oz.

They both spent about 3 days in the NICU for minor issues and were able to come home with us yesterday afternoon.

I’ll write up a proper birth post at some point. — As I’ve been told, babies are big time-hogs! :)

8 Responses to “They’re heeeeere!!”

  1. millionbabysteps

    yay!!!! Congratulations! Great job! Great sizes and home in 3 days is PERFECT. Can’t wait to hear more. Hope you are enjoying motherhood!

    • Wendy Rose

      Thank you! I’m enjoying motherhood, aside from the fact that I feel like a total zombie due to their constant feedings — but it’s soooo worth it!! :)

  2. robin

    That’s amazing they were able to come home so soon!!!! You know I was just thinking about you this morning and was going to see how you were doing, glad to know the babies came safe and sound!!!

    • Wendy Rose

      I know! Like any momma-to-be of twins, I was sooo afraid of them needing a ton of time in the NICU. We’re so lucky that they were such strong little kiddos!

  3. luminousvegans

    Congratulations!! Gah, sooo much cuteness there.

  4. xzombienursex

    OH yay!!!! Congratulations!


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