Holiday Giveaway #2 (Better late than never!) – Ends 1/13/14

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Okay, so I totally slacked on the whole “holiday giveaway” thing. I’ll just do one more and call it a day. I’ll try to be more organized next year. No promises. ;)

This one is for snacks. Everyone likes snacks, yes? I tried to included a variety of different things… Something for everyone! Woo!

Giveaway #2!

The Snack Box!


California Snax Kale Chips, Snapea Crisps, Cruncha Ma-me.


Cocoa Slims, Warheads Sour Cubes, Energems, Milky Way Bar, Beauty Bursts.


Smart Puffs, The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas.

Winner will receive EVERYTHING in the photos above! (I might even throw a few extra things in, cos I’m cool like that.)

Oh - Giveaway #1 is still open (The “Baby Box”)! — Ends 12/30/13! Don’t forget to ENTER! :)

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Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. Contest open to US residents only, 18+. Prizes to be sent by me, and will be as shown in the photos. Not responsible for lost or damaged packages. I can’t help it if the USPS are turds.

20 Responses to “Holiday Giveaway #2 (Better late than never!) – Ends 1/13/14”

  1. Paola Z

    If I could have a lifetime supply of one snack, it would be Ferrero Rocher, I absolutely love that chocolate! Thanks so much for the chance

  2. Shana

    If I could have a lifetime supply of one snack, it would be the caveman cookies. Love them! Easy and healthy.

  3. Tracy T P

    If I could have a lifetine supply of one snack it would have to be buttery popcorn with peanut M&Ms. I guess that’s really two snacks, but it combines to make one ;)

  4. Amanda T.

    I would like to have a lifetime supply of Go Max Go candy bars.

  5. Carolsue

    I’d have a lifetime supply of Pirate’s Booty “popcorn.”

  6. Deborah

    I will probably be the only person to choose this snack… black licorice! I can’t help it; I have always loved it :)

  7. Laura

    There are many snacks I enjoy, but I will say Payday!
    I absolutely love them, I never had any growing up but enjoy them whenever I can now.

  8. judy mitchell

    I would like chocolate. not any specific kind of chocolate just chocolate. I love any kind.

  9. Jennifer Pittman

    Peanut M&M’s!

  10. Mya Murphy

    Ooooh white cheddar popcorn!!!

  11. Rachel G


  12. Julie Lee

    I love salty snacks so I’d choose Beef Jerky!

  13. Shawn

    Pretzels, I can never get enough.

  14. G

    Just one snack, how do I choose? Well, my latest obsession is caramel so I would have to say handmade caramels….oh, that would be decadent. But I also really love good high end granola. Wonderful granola is hard to find so I’d love a lifetime supply of good granola. Ok….I had to name two things, forgive me….lol. I love snacks, and love trying new snacks so this would be such a a fun prize for me….I really want to try those cheddar things and curious about the freeze dried edame….thanks for the chance to win these yummy snacks

  15. Sarah Coenen

    One snack? This is SO HARD! Though I have to go with Ranch Crackin’ Oyster Crackers. Oh man, SO GOOD, SO SALTY and SO BAD FOR YOU!!!! Nobody else in my family likes them, so when I make a batch and it’s suddenly gone I know who ate it all! My Air Force hubby is leaving in the morning for training, so I am planning to make a batch and not feeling guilty about it! ;o) Great site, terrific giveaway; thanks so much!

  16. Sarah Coenen

    P.S. I don’t have a twitter!! :O( If I did I would TOTALLY tweet about this . Not just ’cause it’s awesome but also because I love birds. ;o)

  17. Amy Dempsey

    Love snacks and would love to win to try some new goodies!!

  18. Liz Lubay

    Popcorn! You can dress it up so many ways, I’d never be bored of snacking :)

  19. Tiriana

    ONE snack easy red vines licorice delicious and Fat Free!


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