Zockster Review & Giveaway! – Ends 8/13

Hello, Zockster package!
Hello, Zockster package!

Here’s a little something different… socks!

Oh, but these aren’t your everyday “pick ‘em up at Target” kinda socks. Nope. These babies are made with bamboo! Why bamboo? Read on, my sock-wearin’ friend!

Zockster, the company behind these unique socks, is all about sustainability. Using bamboo to produce socks takes less than 1/10th of the water needed to make “standard” cotton ones. Bamboo also has natural properties that really come in handy when you’re talking socks: Moisture-wicking (less sweat=less stink!), anti-bacterial (less germs!), increased circulation (good for the ‘beetus!), and more.

Zockster has three different “sockscription” options to choose from: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly. Each shipment contains 3 pairs of socks of your choosing (women’s ankle socks, men’s ankle socks, or men’s dress socks). Prices are as low as $5/month and you can switch up your style choice at any time.

I was sent a pair of women’s ankle socks, as well as men’s black dress socks:

I didn't realize how hard socks were to photograph... Yeesh.
I didn’t realize how hard socks were to photograph… Yeesh.

I was a little nervous about the “feel” of the fabric, assuming it would be a little stiff… But nope! I was pleasantly surprised at how soft & comfy they were. I had my husband try out the dress socks and his only complaint was that they were “a little slippery” on the kitchen floor. Maybe due to the supreme softness? Not much of a problem if you ask me, considering all of the benefits these things have. Just be careful in the kitchen, okay? ;)

Alright… Time for the giveaway! Zockster was kind enough to offer my readers a chance to win one free month (3 pairs) of these awesome socks! You can choose whichever style you’d like. Yay!

To enter, just click the socks below and scroll on down to the almighty Rafflecopter!

Disclosure: These socks were given to me for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. Contest is open to US residents only, 18+. Prize fulfillment will be handled directly by Zockster. Winner must complete the 2 mandatory tasks on Rafflecopter (I DO check!), or another winner will be chosen.

27 Responses to “Zockster Review & Giveaway! – Ends 8/13”

  1. Becky

    Good Laughternoon what is the bull fighters favorite food?


  2. Cindy Collins

    For the raffle copter entry we comment here right? Wanna make sure I’m doing this right haha

  3. Diana Vuong

    What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

  4. Beckie

    An old man was walking through the woods one day and came upon a talking frog. The frog said if you kiss me I will turn into a princess. The man put the frog in his pocket and continued on his way. After a few days went by and he hadn’t kissed the frog the frog asked him why not. The old man said “At my age I’d rather have a talking frog than a talking princess” :)

  5. Amanda Thomas

    What ancient sock was a famous Greek philosopher?


  6. Sheri Mahoney

    Cool stuff!

  7. doan b

    If athletes get athlete’s foot, what do astronauts get? Missile toe!

    Why do golfers wear two pair of socks? In case they get a hole-in-one!

  8. Beckie

    I feel the need to write a sock joke now. Not pg-13. What did the foot say to the flirty sock? Are you coming on to me? By the way thanks Wendy this is fun. I may need something similar in some of my future posts. Nice to get away from the usual :).

  9. gaiantlc

    What do vegan zombies eat?


  10. Dani

    What kind of socks do polar bears wear?

    They don’t wear socks. They have bear feet. (But maybe they would change their minds if they tried Zocksters!)

  11. Jamie Dee

    Idk any but here goes…
    What do you call a noisy pepper?

    -Jalapeno Business!!! xD

    • Wendy Rose

      I totally had to say that one in my head like 5 times before I realized it was supposed to be a “nosy” pepper that’s all-up-in-yo business. ;)

  12. Brandi Dawn

    Why did the boy bubble chase the girl bubble? Because he wanted to see her bust! Super Cheesy!!!

  13. Theresa Ann

    What did the sock say when it found a hole in its toe? : Darn it. lol and What do you get when you cross a black sock with a blue sock?~~A sock fight with 2 black and blue socks!

  14. ana ebright

    WHat is a pirates favorite letter ? Rrrrrr

  15. Lily Kwan

    What did the mushroom say to the other mushroom? You’re a fungi!

  16. BeanmakerJodi Hodges

    Paddy went to the doctor and complained about his smelly feet.
    “That’s easily fixed, try putting on a clean pair of sox every day” said the doctor “and come back in two weeks”.
    Paddy returned in two weeks and the doctor asked him how he was doing.
    “Not so good, I can’t get my shoes on.”


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